Robbie Vasquez


Meet Robbie Vasquez

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Who's Robbie Vasquez?

Robbie Vasquez is a web developer, specializing in PHP.

Robbie is a Florida State graduate with experience in varying industries. What would you like to know about him?

  • PHP web development
  • Web apps and entire sites
  • MySQL databases
  • User experience
  • Marketing and web communications
  • Linux servers
  • Cross-platform/Cross-site scripting

Brief details about Robbie Vasquez

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  • Education industry Marketing, internal tool development and user experience.
  • Technology industry Marketing and public-facing web development.
  • Marketing industry Advertising, radio vocalist and multimedia.
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  • College of Communication and Information, Bachelor of Science Florida State University

Extended learning

  • Blockchain Fundamentals BerkeleyX - Professional Certificate
  • Blockchain for Business LinuxFoundationX - Professional Certificate
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Away from work

  • Golf, archery, biking and more.
  • Personal growth, multi-lingual studies and developing skills.
  • Filming, writing, building and more.
  • Website projects and script experimentation.