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About Robbie Vasquez

Picture of Robbie Vasquez at a baseball game

The guy, the code, the spare time

Hey, I'm Robbie Vasquez. I'm a web developer.

I'm a rare Floridian who's still living in Florida - with no plans to leave.

Away from the keyboard, I stay occupied: current events (obsessively); a wide range of (short-lived) hobbies; and learning things like languages, history or science.

I graduated from Florida State University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science degree in the College of Communication and Information.

Since then, I've worked in varying industries including education, technology, marketing and hospitality. I've done services for clients from Tampa to Siberia.

If you want to grab professional info, you can download my résumé.


Picture of Robbie Vasquez climbing out of a water fountain at FSU

Formal education

At FSU, your birthday is celebrated by getting tossed into a gushing fountain.

Picture of Robbie Vasquez's diploma from Florida State

FSU, 2010 - College of Communication and Information

Informal education

  • Blockchain Fundamentals BerkeleyX - Professional Certificate
  • Blockchain for Business LinuxFoundationX - Professional Certificate

View my other certificates

In progress

  • Japanese


Picture of Robbie Vasquez at a diner in Paris with a strawberry crêpe and drink

Places I've been

  • Japan Tokyo; Shinjuku; Taito; Shibuya; Osaka; Hiroshima
  • United Kingdom London
  • France Paris
  • Canada Niagara Falls
  • US key locations New York; Seattle; Washington D.C.; Keystone; Boston

Places I want to go

  • United Kingdom St. Andrews
  • Japan Kyoto; Mt. Fuji
  • Italy Rome
  • Greece Athens
  • US key locations Detroit; Las Vegas; Chicago; New Orleans; Miami (seriously, somehow I haven't been to Miami)

Just for fun

Picture of Robbie Vasquez practicing archery

Things that make me "me"

  • Minor-league baseball games
  • Watching one movie repeatedly
  • Chess (I'm awful)
  • Chocolate milk
  • Golf; watching and playing
  • Newsfeeds
  • Beach
  • Free time
  • Continuous learning
  • Random facts
  • The internet
  • Competition
  • Perpetual curiosity
  • Honesty